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Fast and Gentle Superresolution Imaging with ZEISS Elyra 7

April 29th | 10 - 11 am CET

ZEISS invites you to a webinar on fast and gentle superresolution imaging with ZEISS Elyra 7

Join our speaker Jonathan Shewring on April 29th at 10 AM CET.

Key Learnings:

  • Explore the Elyra 7 to image your samples in superresolution and the technology behind it
  • Learn which benefits the Lattice SIM and apotome offer for your research
  • See several applications this superresolution system can be used for


In this webinar, we will be discussing the latest advances in superresolution microscopy, and how it can help life science researchers to push the boundaries of their field.

The ZEISS Elyra 7 allows you to examine the fastest processes in living cells; offering a large field of view, over long time periods, and with multiple colors. Discover how the new Lattice SIM technology of the ZEISS Elyra 7 brings structured illumination microscopy (SIM) to new levels of speed and sensitivity. All the while providing a two-fold resolution improvement in all 3 dimensions. This is further complimented by the apotome mode of the Elyra 7, which facilitates high speed optical sectioning of samples at isotropic resolution.

Lattice SIM on the Elyra 7 offers a leap in fast and gentle superresolution imaging, making it a perfect tool for observing fast cellular processes without compromising your cells or resolution. Plus, for the finest details the Elyra 7 can be equipped with single molecule localization microscopy, with resolution down to 20 nm.

Speaker Profile

Jonathan Shewring

Jonathan is an applications specialist in LSM, superresolution and light sheet microscopy. He completed a PhD in 2017 at the University of Sheffield developing probes for superresolution, correlative light and electron microscopy. Jonathan came to ZEISS in 2019 after working as an applications specialist for ONI, a superresolution microscopy company.

Watch the Webinar recording