ZEISS Microscopy Image Contest 2021

Do you take stunning microscopy images? Submit your best image to the ZEISS Microscopy Image Contest 2021! The top images will receive prizes, including a ZEISS Primostar 3 microscope. The contest is open to all microscopy enthusiasts and professionals in any application field. Images can be taken with any ZEISS microscope (light, X-ray or electron microscope). 

Deadline for entry is July 31, 2021

All participants will receive a copy of the ZEISS Microscopy Calendar 2022.
On top of that, the three winners will receive the following prizes:

In addition, some winning images will also be featured in the calendar
or on our social media platforms. 

1st Prize

ZEISS Primostar 3

2nd Prize

ZEISS Victory Pocket 10x25

3rd Prize

ZEISS Terra 10x42

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FAQs and Rules

What is the ZEISS Microscopy Image Contest?

This is a competition held by ZEISS for images taken with a ZEISS microscope. The top images will receive three prizes: ZEISS Primostar 3 microscope (1st prize), ZEISS Victory Pocket binocluars (2nd prize) and ZEISS Terra binocluars (3rd prize). In addition, some images will be selected to be featured in the ZEISS Microscopy Calendar 2022.

When is the deadline?

Images must be submitted by July 31, 2021, by midnight in your local time zone.

Who can apply?

The competition is open to anyone, microscopy professionals and enthusiasts alike. However, ZEISS employees (current and former) and their family members are not permitted to participate.

What types of images qualify?

The image must be acquired with a ZEISS microscope, such as a light microscope, electron/ion microscope or X-ray microscope. Both current and historical microscopes qualify. All samples types are welcome. Both color and monochrome images will be accepted.

How many images can each participant hand in?

There is no limit to the number of images each participant is allowed to hand in. When handing in multiple images, please make sure to fill out one Customer Consent PDF for all images you have handed in. You will be directed to the Customer Consent PDF after clicking the 'Submit Upload' button.

What are the technical image requirements?

All images must be in TIFF format and RGB color mode. TIFFs should be at least 6.3 Megapixels (3000 x 2100 pixels) and have a resolution of 300 dpi. Please only send images whose file size does not exceed 12 MB.

How are my images used?

ZEISS intends to publish the Material in promotional materials for the ZEISS Group. Please make sure to fill out one Customer Consent PDF for all images you have handed in. You will be directed to the Customer Consent PDF after clicking the 'Submit Upload' button.

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References to the Image Montage at the Top of this Page:

  • 1st image: Advanced alloy material imaged at 3kV high vacuum shows tungsten core material surrounded by a steel matrix.
  • 2nd image: Thin section of a fossilized dinosaur bone. Courtesy of B. Cesare, Universita di Padova, Italy.
  • 3rd image: Rat embryo, Crossmon.
  • 4th image: Rat tongue, acidic green.
  • 5th image: Lanthanum carbonate powder, a therapeutic agent for dialysis patients.
  • 6th image: Fungi growing on packaging material made of calcium carbonate and cardboard.
  • 7th image: SK8 K18 mouse cells. Vimentin stained with Alexa 488 (green), nuclei stained with DAPI (blue).
  • 8th image: Blood vessels. Transmitted light brightfield.
  • 9th image: Diatom skeleton, secondary electron image in variable pressure mode.
  • 10th image: Cement thin section.