How to Get Better Fluorescence Images with Your Widefield Microscope

A methodology review

Many technologies, such as laser scanning or light sheet microscopy, have been developed to overcome the original limitations of widefield microscopy systems. However, compared to these more recent techniques, widefield microscopes offer a relatively simple and inexpensive option to extract meaningful data from many samples. Understanding related image processing methods is an important step to get the most out of widefield microscopy systems.

In this 10-page technology note, learn how different image processing methods have the potential to make widefield microscope systems more powerful and versatile. Understand each methods limitations and pitfalls, as well as suitability for your specific applications. Read about:

  • Limitations of widefield microscopy
  • Solutions for 3D volumes
  • Sharp images in 2D
  • Unsharp masking
  • No-neighbor/Nearest-neighbors
  • Background substraction
  • Conclusion

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