Join us at 60 nm. Live.

Reveal the sub-organelle network
of life with us

Lattice SIM opened the door to new applications by enabling gentle super-resolution imaging down to 120 nm at incredible high speed and with the ability to image deeper into challenging samples.

What if you could push the resolution even further – down to 60 nm?

Experience a revolution of structured illumination microscopy: SIM². Hear from our experts about challenges they face due to the current limitations of existing technology, and how they can be solved through new innovations.

Learn how to:

  • Discriminate sub-organelle structures down to 60 nm without the need for special sample preparation or expert knowledge of complex techniques
  • Capture highly dynamic processes at exceptional resolution in all three dimensions
  • Get outstanding out-of-focus light suppression for the sharpest sectioning in wide-field microscopy
  • Make super-resolution acquisition faster than ever before

Join us at 60 nm | Event Recording

Watch the recording of the "Join us at 60 nm" launch event from April 28 here. We are excited to show you ZEISS SIM² - a novel image reconstruction algorithm that doubles the conventional resolution of your structured illumination microscopy (SIM) data.

For more information on SIM², visit the product website of our super-resolution platform ZEISS Elyra 7.


Hans Blom

Hans Blom

Facility Head, Advanced Light Microscopy, Science for Life Laboratory & Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm, Sweden

Markus Sauer

Markus Sauer

Department of Biotechnology and Biophysics, Biocenter, University of Würzburg, Germany

Renée Dalrymple

Renée Dalrymple

Product Marketing Manager – Life Sciences Lattice Line, ZEISS Research Microscopy Solutions

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