Your Backscatter Electron Detector for Fast and Gentle Ultrastructural Imaging

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) imaging can present challenges, especially for non-conductive biological samples. Rapid imaging with the desired resolution requires high electron doses and acceleration voltages, which can cause charging effects and sample damage that compromise image quality.

ZEISS Sense BSD combines high-resolution ultrastructural imaging with a new degree of efficiency and image quality, making TEM-like imaging possible with your SEM.

ZEISS Sense BSD Product Flyer

With a new diode design and superior detector sensitivity, Sense BSD can detect very small numbers of electrons and convert low signals into high-contrast images. Fast image acquisition with low acceleration voltages and low electron doses becomes possible – your biological sample can be imaged without damage, and deterioration of the image quality induced by charging effects is prevented.

  • Well suited for non-conductive, charge-prone biological samples
  • Provides the best sample protection and avoids image degradation by allowing the use of low kV imaging
  • Enables high-contrast imaging with its improved detector sensitivity.
  • Produces high-quality images in less time
  • Entire sample area accessible for imaging – field of view not restricted by TEM grids
  • Sense BSD is ready to go immediately because of the factory-aligned detector
  • The clear and simple user interface assures easy operability