Resolution at a Distance

High resolution images, without destroying your sample

See beyond the surface while your sample remains intact

Resolution at a Distance (RaaD) allows you to:

  • Avoid destructive sample preparation like sectioning
  • Reveal the internal structure of objects at sub-micron resolution
  • Collect high resolution images from diverse sample types and sizes
  • Investigate microstructures under changing conditions and over time
  • Go from overview scan to sub-micron details in a single pass

Make the invisible visible

RaaD overcomes the limits of Micro-CT solutions

Conventional Micro-CT

Standard computed tomography is limited to small sample sizes when imaging at high resolution due to the geometric nature of magnification. Maintaining high resolution throughout larger samples is impossible due to the long working distances required.

ZEISS X-ray microscopy with RaaD

Resolution at a Distance enables non-destructive imaging of your sample’s interior – even for large samples – while maintaining the highest resolution, independent of distance to the source.

Achieve your moments of discovery

See what’s possible with Resolution at a Distance

Non-destructive high-resolution imaging of lithium-ion batteries

Analysis of materials and parts in Additive Manufacturing

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