Non-destructive Analysis of Materials and Parts in Additive Manufacturing

Powered by Resolution at a Distance

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is all about transforming metal powder into breathtakingly complex structures with superior mechanical performance. To go from powder to performance, this game-changing production technology requires new ways to investigate materials and inspect created parts.

What if we told you that it's now possible to analyze AM microstructures without destroying what you’ve just created?

ZEISS X-ray microscopy with Resolution at a Distance (RaaD) helps you see the hidden details of your materials composition, in the powder bed as well as in the microstructural features of your printed parts – non-destructively and at submicron resolution.


See what’s possible with Resolution at a Distance:

Metal powder

Analyze shape, size, and volume distribution of particles in the powder bed. Determine proper process parameters and speed up your time to optimal print recipe development


Material structure

Detect unmelted particles, high-Z inclusions and voids in printed components. Perform virtual cross sections in any direction and compare to the nominal CAD representation


Inner surface roughness

Obtain submicron topography data for complex inner structures that cannot be accessed by any other method – regardless of their location and even for larger parts

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3D X-ray Microscopy Characterization

Metal Additively Manufactured Parts

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