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Non-destructive 3D Imaging of a Lithium-ion Battery

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Non-destructive 3D Imaging of a Lithium-ion Battery

  • Acquire full field of view imaging by using vertical stitching
  • Perform a non-destructive, high-resolution tomography scan for selected region of interest (ROI) without opening or modifying the battery
  • Inspect electrodes and current collectors by segmenting layers of the jelly roll structure

This is possible thanks to the Resolution at a Distance (RaaD) architecture of ZEISS Xradia Versa systems.

The Advantages of X-ray Microscopy for Materials Science

Discover defects and aging effects without opening the battery

Your Challenge: De-packaging a battery to inspect internal components is difficult and requires a high level of expertise. Furthermore, structures of the battery can be accidentally modified during the de-packaging process.

Our Solution: The unique capability of X-ray microscopy. It enables you to

  • Perform non-destructive imaging, without opening or modifying the battery
  • Use high-resolution interior tomography to uncover fine details of electrode structures
  • Discover small defects like foreign particles and cracks
  • Detect aging effects related to structural degradation.

The Workflow for 3D Battery Imaging

Select region, perform scan, segment layers, inspect fine details

Define the region of interest
Select an interior region of interest (ROI) to perform a high-resolution tomography scan.
High-resolution tomography scan
The high-resolution scan is performed non-destructively without ever opening or modifying the battery.
Inspect electrodes and current collectors
Segment layers of the jelly roll structure to visualize and inspect electrodes and current collectors.

Poster Download: Multi-scale Battery Investigations

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Connecting different microscopy scales is key to understanding the materials properties of batteries. Download the poster and learn how to link the right instrument to the right scale for your individual battery research project.

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