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X-ray Microscopy

Applications in Materials Science: Non-destructive 3D Imaging

Non-destructive 3D Imaging of a Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC)

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  • Perform multiscale imaging at three levels of magnification
  • Scout the large sample to identify a region of interest (ROI)
  • Zoom into ROI to image targeted volumes at high resolution
  • Non-destructive workflow, without modifying or re-mounting the sample

This is possible thanks to the Resolution at a Distance (RaaD) architecture of ZEISS Xradia Versa systems.

Sample courtesy of Dr. David Marshall, University of Colorado

The Technology behind Scout-and-Zoom

Multiscale tomography workflows

Three-stage Scout-and-Zoom workflow

Scout-and-Zoom is a unique capability of ZEISS X-ray microscopes that leverages low magnification to perform exploratory 'Scout' scans across a large field of view to identify interior regions of interest for higher resolution 'Zoom' scans without complex sample preparation. The workflow is enabled by

  • Resolution at a Distance (RaaD)
  • User-selected objectives¬†
  • Automated sample positioning stage.

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