Combine in situ AFM and SEM for Nanomaterials Analysis

The best of both worlds in one – down to atomic level

Get the best of both worlds in a single instrument: combine atomic force microscopy (AFM) with your scanning electron microscope (SEM) or focused ion beam instrument (FIB-SEM). Put AFM performance to work to visualize your sample’s surface topography down to atomic level or measure a wide range of physical properties. Profit from ZEISS Gemini electron optics, tailored to deliver the best results in image quality and sample flexibility.

Atomic force microscopy in a scanning electron microscope allows you to:
  • Add 3D topographical information at the atomic level to your SEM
  • Position the AFM tip on any surface under SEM control
  • Conduct in situ high-resolution measurements of mechanical, electrical, chemical, thermal and magnetic properties
Sample and tip exchange in an atomic force microscope (AFM) within a scanning electron microscope (SEM) through airlock
Sample and tip exchange in the integrated ZEISS AFM-SEM solution through airlock.
Positioning of the AFM tip on the region of interest under SEM guidance. Image, field of view: 3µm.
Positioning of the AFM tip on the region of interest under SEM guidance. Image, field of view: 3µm.
Analysis of surface properties with atomic force microscopy (AFM): magnetic forces on a hard drive.
Analysis of surface properties with AFM-SEM: magnetic forces on a hard drive.
Metallic nano-scaled structure, modified by a focused ion beam (FIB).
FIB modified metallic nano-scaled structure in the AFM-SEM solution.

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Superb image quality meets high resolution AFM

Laser Deflection AFM

The integrated AFM is a high resolution, sample scanning system that scans a volume of 25 μm × 25 μm × 5 μm and a maximum sample size of 10 mm. The design allows a minimum working distance of 5 mm, which delivers excellent SEM performance and is compatible with FIB-SEM operation.

Schematic setup of the ZEISS atomic force microscope (AFM) design

Gemini SEM Column

ZEISS FE-SEMs and FIB-SEMs are based on Gemini electron optics. The design lets you maximize the electron optical performance while enabling excellent imaging on any sample, allowing high resolution imaging and high signal-to-noise ratios for best image quality.

ZEISS Gemini technology: Schematic cross-section of ZEISS Gemini optical column

ZEISS Integrated AFM

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