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The New ZEISS GeminiSEM Family

Discover the Unknown with Ultimate Imaging and Effortless Analytics

Discover information you have not been able to see before. The bar is raised for surface sensitive, sub-nanometer imaging and sample flexibility. The ZEISS GeminiSEM Family sets a new standard in field emission scanning electron microscopy. 

Answering demands like working in a core facility, aiming for throughput in imaging and analytics or sub-nanometer imaging on an open platform – ZEISS GeminiSEM Family offers three new models to researchers of disciplines from materials to life sciences. Three unique designs for the Gemini electron optics and a large, flexible new chamber cover all your imaging and analytical needs.  

Discover information you have not been able to see before. The bar is raised for surface sensitive, sub-nanometer imaging and sample flexibility. The ZEISS GeminiSEM Family sets a new standard in field emission scanning electron microscopy.

  • Higher sample flexibility: take advantage of industry-leading high resolution imaging and analytics over the widest range of applications and sample types, enabled by ZEISS GeminiSEM 360 and its Gemini 1 column.
  • Improved analytics: tackle the most challenging tasks in analytical microscopy with the improved Gemini 2 column of ZEISS GeminiSEM 460, giving you the efficiency and throughput you need.
  • Increased surface-sensitivity: ZEISS GeminiSEM 560 sets the new standard for surface imaging. Smart Autopilot, the new electron optical engine, is customized for ease-of-use when imaging the most sensitive samples at the highest resolutions. 

Fast Understanding for Core Facilities.

ZEISS GeminiSEM 360


ZEISS GeminiSEM 360 is the ideal instrument to build your core facility around, delivering maximum versatility. At the heart of the system, the Gemini 1 design brings you the benefit of surface sensitive, high resolution images.

With its generous field of view and extremely large chamber, it’s easy to interrogate even very large samples. Enjoy seamless navigation, thanks to contextual image viewing and correlative microscopy via ZEISS ZEN Connect. Meanwhile, autofunctions and smart detectors make sure you’re never more than a click away from a clear, crisp image.

Efficient Analysis. Unattended Workflows.

ZEISS GeminiSEM 460


ZEISS GeminiSEM 460 is made for the most exacting analytical tasks. Characterize your specimens comprehensively and efficient by using multiple detectors simultaneously.

Gemini 2 optics enables fast, high resolution imaging and analytics by switching seamlessly from low current – low kV work to high current-high kV work, and back again.

For analytics on uncoated samples use the new VP mode and turn up the current to obtain EBSD maps with indexing rates of 4000 patterns/s. Investigate chemical composition and crystal orientation rapidly with two diametrically opposite EDS ports and a coplanar EDS/EBSD configuration.


Imaging Below 1kV. Expert Knowledge Integrated.

ZEISS GeminiSEM 560


ZEISS GeminiSEM 560 raises the bar for surface-sensitive, distortion-free high resolution imaging. The introduction of the Gemini 3 design, consisting the Nano-twin lens and the new Smart Autopilot electron optical engine, enables magnetic field-free imaging with sub 1 kV resolution below 1 nm – without the need for sample biasing or monochromation.

Smart Autopilot enables the ease-of-use that is critical for imaging challenging specimens. The greatly increased field of view permits easy sample navigation. The engine drives the electron optics to provide magnifications from 1 × to 2 mio x, taking care of alignment, calibration and focus along the way. This saves you time while making lengthy alignments obsolete.

Autofunctions such as auto-wobble and the new patented autofocus provide clear, crisp images within seconds. Python scripting then uses these features in automated workflows such as 3D STEM tomography.

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