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Understanding the fundamental processes that shape the universe expressed at the smallest of scales

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Geoscience is a critical fundamental research topic focused on the examination of processes that govern the formation and evolution of the world around us. It also underpins the processes that control its economic development and utilization. From micropaleontology to mineralogical studies to the modeling of three-dimensional fluid flow, ZEISS Microscopy has provided geoscientific imaging and analysis solutions for over one hundred years.


Large volume FIB-SEM 3D imaging of economic onshore shale


Google Earth-like view of petrographic samples

Peta Pixel Project

Hydrothermal spring mineralization from a volcano in Iceland

Peta Pixel Project

Peralkaline granite from Quebec with fluorite vein imaged in CL

Shark’s tooth fossil

Non-destructive 3D visualization of interior structures

Peta Pixel Project

Google Earth-like view of marine diatoms


Most septa are fully recrystallized or filled with sediment, however some are hollow (red spaces) demonstrating geode water crystallization structures imaged with ZEISS Xradia Versa 3D X-ray microscope.

White Paper

Detailed imaging of exceptionally preserved microfossils to track events in early animal evolution

ZEISS Axio Imager

Sutter’s Mill Meteorite

Peta Pixel Project

Peralkaline granite example showing contextual mineralogy, digitization and correlation

Applications Note

3D Drill Core Scout and Zoom

for Gold Mineralization Characterization

Worldwide micro atlas

Thin section views of plane polarized and cross polarized data around the world


Geoscience Education in a Digital World

Case Study

ZEISS Digital Classroom

Birkbeck University, UK