ZEISS Microscopy Solutions for Natural Resources and Metals

Suites of light, X-ray, electron and ion microscopes offer unique insights into the properties and performance of your sample

Microscopy is an ever-expanding topic for geoscience, mining, oil and gas, and steel and other metals research. Microscopic characterization provides insight into the chemical and structural properties of petrographic samples, the quantification of minerals, the porosity and permeability of reservoir samples, and the physical and mechanical properties of metals.

ZEISS provides the broadest portfolio of imaging solutions – light, X-ray, electron and ion microscopy with advanced data analytics – to visualize, characterize and quantify the properties and processes of your natural resources and metals. Our solutions link length scales via correlative workflows, delivering knowledge from data to provide the most informed decision-making.

  • Characterize and classify the properties of your raw materials
  • Understand your reservoir rock’s impact on reservoir performance
  • Increase recovery of ores, gems and precious metals
  • Analyze the structure and evolution of your steel and other metals from micro- to nano-scale
  • Use a range of modalities in multiple dimensions to achieve a full understanding of your advanced materials
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From micropaleontology to mineralogical studies to the modeling of 3D fluid flow, ZEISS Microscopy enables you to gain unparalleled knowledge from your geoscientific specimens from the macro- to the nanoscale.

ZEISS microscopes are uniquely capable of solving the multiscale and multi-physics challenges of the oil and gas industry, enabling all pore scale information to be acquired based on macroscopic heterogeneity, directly and quantitatively upscaled to the core plug and whole core scales.

ZEISS offers solutions focused on both the industrial researcher and the quality engineer around five key areas: chemistry, crystallography, dimensional measurement, tomography, and determining processing parameters.

With the broadest portfolio of mineralogy and texture solutions for the mining industry and a rich history in geoscience research, ZEISS is ideally suited to help you maximize recovery and minimize losses.