ZEISS Geoscience Imaging and Analysis Solutions

Enabling you to gain knowledge from your geological specimens without parallel for over 100 years

Geoscience is a critical fundamental research topic focused on the examination of processes that govern the formation and evolution of the world around us. It also underpins the processes that control its economic development and utilization. From micropaleontology to mineralogical studies to the modeling of three-dimensional fluid flow, ZEISS Microscopy has provided geoscientific imaging and analysis solutions for over one hundred years. From educating the next generation of geoscientists to the latest advances in technologies such as non-destructive 3D X-ray microscopy and quantitative mineral mapping, ZEISS enables you to gain unparalleled knowledge from your geoscientific specimens from the macro- to the nanoscale.

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ZEISS recommends the following papers

  • New Digital Petrography Innovations with the ZEISS Axio Scan Geo
  • Cathodoluminescence Intensity Mapping of Zircons
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Find more ZEISS Microscopy Solutions