ZEISS Solutions for Steel and Other Metals

Analytical microscopy for the research and quality control needs of the metals industries. Engineering the future through microstructural insight.

Metallography has long been the focus of the metallurgist. Routine inspection and quality control tasks can be achieved rapidly and accurately using light and electron microscopy in industrially-focused workflows; now, multi-modal microscopy is capable of providing a vast array of analytical capability, in situ, and often non-destructively. ZEISS offers solutions focused on both the industrial researcher and the quality engineer around five key areas: chemistry, crystallography, dimensional measurement, tomography, and determining processing parameters. The ZEISS portfolio of light, X-ray and electron microscopes provides unique capabilities to solve both the routine characterization and advanced research and development problems of the metals industries, on multiple scales. Today, advanced analytical tasks can be accomplished in integrated and connected solutions using digital imaging, spectroscopy, crystallography, 3D tomography and data handling.

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ZEISS recommends the following papers

  • Advanced Segmentation for Industrial Materials
  • Physical, chemical and crystallographic analysis of metal welds
  • Optimizing the Industrial Production of Aluminum
Find more ZEISS Microscopy Solutions
Find more ZEISS Microscopy Solutions