ZEISS Solutions for the Mining Industry

Maximizing recovery and minimizing losses across the range of mining functions

Mining in the 21st century is an increasingly challenging industry. Remaining ore deposits are of lower grade, higher textural complexity, and are under greater operational cost constraints. Mining companies are seeking significant scientific validation to reduce the risk within the mine model before investing in mining projects. Increased mineralogical understanding is essential to address current challenges across the entire mining value chain from exploration to mine closure. With the broadest portfolio of mineralogy and texture solutions for the mining industry and a rich history in geoscience research, ZEISS is ideally suited to help you meet these challenges, maximize economic recovery, and minimize losses.

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ZEISS recommends the following papers

  • ZEISS Mineralogic Mining - Methodology

  • Quantitative Characterization of Low Temperature Hydrothermal Alteration of Magmatic Ni-Cu-PGE Sulphide Ores
Find more ZEISS Microscopy Solutions
Find more ZEISS Microscopy Solutions