ZEISS Solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry

Addressing multi-scale, multi-physics challenges from exploration to the pump

The flow of oil and gas through subsurface reservoirs is governed by the scale of the tiny, tortuous pathways in the rock through which flow occurs. While frequently the fundamental pore, grain and mineralogical structures can be understood at these tiny scales, this often comes at the expense of a field of view representative of real geological structures. These structures can exhibit heterogeneity ranging from the kilometer to the nanometer scales. The ZEISS portfolio of light, X-ray, electron and ion microscopes is uniquely capable of solving these multiscale and multi-physics challenges, fusing, integrating and correlating data together and even observing reservoir processes directly in situ. This enables, for the first time, all pore scale information to be acquired based on macroscopic heterogeneity, and all the resulting insights to be directly and quantitatively upscaled to the core plug and whole core scales.

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ZEISS recommends the following papers

  • Quantitative Petrology ZEISS Mineralogic

  • Pore Network Modeling of Marcellus Shale using Digital Rock Analysis with Machine Learning Image
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Find more ZEISS Microscopy Solutions