Overview of upright and inverted light microscopes

Confocal Microscopes

For Precise Optical Sectioning

Laser Scanning Microscopes

A Laser scanning or confocal microscope scans a sample sequentially point by point, line by line or multiple points at once and assemble the pixel information to one image. As a result optical slices of the specimen are imaged with high contrast and high resolution in x, y and z. Confocal microscopy supports sensitivity demanding applications in life sciences as well as for topographic tasks on materials surfaces

Cell Observer SD

Whatever your live cell imaging needs, equip your microscope with a spinning disk confocal, for long term time lapse imaging. LaserTIRF 3 delivers high contrastimages of single molecules or strucutres close to membrane and cover slip. DirectFRAP allows dynamic photomanipulation studies to reveal protein dynamics. Combine all of those technologies to perform your ideal live cell experiment.

Smartproof 5

Use the versatile widefield confocal microscope for industrial applications - such as roughness and topographical characterization.