Downloads for ZEN 2 core

Downloads for ZEN 2 core

  • ZEN 2 starter

    Imaging Software for efficient microscopy

    Key ZEN Features for Your Imaging Tasks
    Download ZEN 2 starter, your free copy of the powerful ZEN 2 core imaging software. Use this free microscope software to try out key features of the ZEN 2 core package.

    Standard features:

    • Full operational control of ZEISS microscopes, cameras, and components
    • Workbenches for repetitive application tasks
    • Single and automated panorama image acquisition
    • User management functionality
    • High Dynamic Range (HDR) image acquisition
    • Create and manage input forms
    • Live image video recording
    • Image and data information displayed in datazone below the image
    • Best Image functionality
    • Enhanced depth of field via manual focus
    • Measurement functions
    • Microsoft Word® reports and report templates
    • Data archive for images, documents and templates
    • Image export to all standard image formats such as JPG, BMP, TIFF
    • Connection to ConfoMap

    Optional features:

    • Measurement
      Extended functionality of interactive measurement
    • Online measurement
      Measurement capability in the live image with save and burn-in capability
    • Automated image analysis
      Creation of automatic measurement workbenches, e.g. for phase analysis or particle analysis
    • Data management
      Interface module to seamlessly connect to IMAGIC Database Server (only available in specific countries)



    Ask your ZEISS contact about the full ZEN 2 core package now!


    Download ZEN 2 starter

  • ZEN core Hotfixes

    ZEN core Hotfixes

    Please only install Hotfixes that are required for your product

    Please read the specific notes for a Hotfix to find out, whether your system will benefit from it

    ZEN 2 core v2.4

    Overview of Hotfixes for ZEN 2 core v2.4

    ZEN 2 core SP1

    ZEN 2 core SP1 - Axio Observer 3 for Materials (6.38 MB)

    Important Notes
    via HTTP-protocol
    via FTP-protocol


    Language Pack (15.1 MB)  

    via FTP-protocol
    via HTTP-protocol

    This language pack contains the following languages:
    French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil),
    Russian, Chinese (simplified)

    Overview of Hotfixes for ZEN 2 core SP1

    ZEN 2 core

    Word Addin for Report Templates (320 MB)  

    via FTP-protocol
    via HTTP-protocol


    Language Pack 2 for Word AddIn (116 MB)  

    via FTP-protocol
    via HTTP-protocol

    This language pack contains the following languages:
    Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Czech, Chinese, Russian, French, Japanese, Polish, Hungarian


    Overview of Hotfixes for ZEN 2 core
  • CZI Image Format

    CZI – the format for microscopy

    The CZI image format developed by ZEISS saves all information regarding your images, including multidimensional, time-lapse or Z-Stack image types. The format groups together your image data with all relevant information in one compact file. It includes additional metadata including your microscope´s settings, exposure values, fluorescent dyes used and much more.

    This information is always available allowing you to reproduce the same conditions at any time. The CZI format is compatible across our ZEN product family, as well as additional software suites in various operating systems.

    Please complete this form to receive the documentation license free of charge or learn more about the CZI image format.

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