15th Day of Microscopy in Jena - Germany

15th Day of Microscopy

September 15, 2016 - Jena, Germany


It all began with a passion for technology, for precision, for quality. Coupled with foresight and a sheer determination not to compromise. Few could follow the vision of that man born 200 years ago.

Celebrating the bicentenary of our founder’s birth, the high standards of Carl Zeiss can still be felt today in every part of our company. That’s why our microscopes continue to transform the way scientists and researchers see the world, enabling you to make entirely new discoveries. We all aspire to the ideals of Carl Zeiss, the visionary. And this hasmade us into a global enterprise.

The 15th Day of Microscopy is dedicated to the 200th birthday of Carl Zeiss. With impressive insights into light, electron and X-ray microscopy that lead you to the latest advances in neurobiology and cell biology. Multimodal and live cell imaging will make for an exciting, multifaceted and inspired journey. Carl Zeiss would be proud!

Expect a day full of surprises, fascination and wonder. With hands-on, workshops, tours and our very special keynote address: Nobel Prize winner Prof. Dr. Eric Betzig on the future of fluorescence microscopy.


Join us to look deep into the process of cell division. Discover its amazing dynamics with advanced microscopy techniques from ZEISS at the

15th Day of Microscopy
on September 15, 2016
from 8:30 am to 6:15 pm at Volksbad Jena, Knebelstraße 10

Superresolution microscopy has stepped into the lime light in 2014 when Eric Betzig, Stefan Hell and William Moerner were awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for their work on breaking through the diffraction barrier of fluorescence microscopy.

The part Eric Betzig played in this ground-breaking achievement was the invention of Photoactivated Localization Microscopy (PALM) along with his colleague Harald Hess. 

We look forward to seeing you.  

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