ICTMS 2017 (3rd International Conference on Tomography of Materials and Structures)

Microscopy Events

ZEISS Microscopy at ICTMS 2017

26-30 June 2017 – Lund, Sweden

At ZEISS Microscopy, we expertly develop advanced imaging systems to serve a vast array of scales and modalities, equipping materials researchers to tackle multi-scale challenges. Learn more about our 3D and 4D capabilities for Materials Science or attend one of our symposium presentations.

ZEISS Highlighted Talks

ZEISS Crossbeam

High Productivity FIB-SEM

Speed up your nanotomography and nanofabrication runs by combining low kV SEM performance with FIB currents up to 100 nA. Crossbeam combines the imaging and analytical performance of the ZEISS GEMINI column and its modular platform concept and open programing interface software meets the needs of even your most demanding, charging or magnetic sample.

Image: Corrosion pit in Mg alloy imaged by ZEISS FIB-SEM. Sample courtesy of Philip Withers, University of Manchester.

ZEISS Crossbeam


Unlock Crystallographic Info

Achieve direct visualization of 3D crystallographic grain orientation in a non-destructive tomography environment with the LabDCT™ advanced imaging module for your ZEISS Xradia 520 Versa 3D X-ray microscope. Combine grain orientation info with microstructural features and open new possibilities for characterization related to 3D materials science.

Image: Titanium alloy courtesy of Univ. Mancehster. McDonald, Sci. Rep. 14665 (2015).


ZEISS Atlas 5

Master Your Multiscale Challenge

Extend the capacity of all your ZEISS SEMs and FIB-SEMs with Atlas 5, the powerful yet intuitive hardware and software package. Take user experience to the next level: acquire nanoscale images easier and faster than ever before. Correlate images in multiple dimensions from multiple sources. Understand your sample fully in both 2D and 3D by creating unique workflows.

ZEISS Atlas 5

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