Basic training course Scanning Electron Microscopy

This practical training course provides specific information about the basic work with Scanning electron microscopes (SEM). In detail, the user will be able to prepare various samples for SEM examination. The focus is on the positioning, acquisition and analysis of samples, in order to fulfill certain objectives. Furthermore, the user will be able to interpret and evaluate the images and to derive necessary optimization steps.

Topics of the course


  • General handling of SEMs
  • Preparation of non-conducting and conducting samples
  • Tuning the Electron beam
  • Optimization of the SEM for different samples and detectors under high- and low vacuum conditions
  • Image optimization (e.g. noise reduction methods)
  • Image acquisition with different objectives (e.g. surface structure, material contrast, depth of focus)
  • Software functions (e.g. Image navigation)
  • Energy-dispersive X-ray analysis



October 13 - 15, 2020



3 day(s)






Max. 4



Self-study of handouts and literature links



Oberkochen, Germany


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