High End Microscopy Applications

Optimize Your Image Quality by Specific Sample Preparation

ZEISS Workshop

University of Münster | October 8, 2018

We cordially invite you to our Workshop High End Applications on October 8, 2018 to introduce new microscopy solutions from ZEISS.

Learn the most important details for sample preparation resulting in best image quality for microscopy. Furthermore you will be informed about analysis methods like deconvolution and about optical sectioning methods like ZEISS Apotome and Airyscan principle.

10.00 AM




From Sample to Publication – A Guide to Proper Imaging

Dr. Frank Josten, ZEISS Microscopy

10.30 AM

Optical Sectioning in Microscopy with Focus on ApoTome

Dr. Sven Laarmann, ZEISS Microscopy

11.00 AM

Coffee Break


11.15 AM

Quantitative Imaging in Microscopy – Prerequisites and Analysis Methods

Dr. Frank Josten, ZEISS Microscopy

11.45 AM

The Principle of Airyscan

Dr. Angnes von Keller, ZEISS Microscopy

12.15 AM

The Principle of Deconvolution

Dr. Frank Josten, ZEISS Microscopy

12.45 PM



01.45 PM




Unfortunately the workshop is fully booked!