Advanced Course LSM 880

Besides their classical function as superior 2D and 3D imaging systems, ad­vanced confocal laser scanning microscopes can be applied to study subcellu­lar dynamics and to separate multiple fluorescent labels in a live cell environ­ment. Confocal microscopy of living cells requires speed optimized imaging, minimized light induced lesions, and highest achievable resolution. lf fluore­scent labels with overlapping emission spectra are combined, simultaneous spectral acquisition followed by linear umixing can be used to separate them from each other.

By using the Airyscan, you have the possibility to gain not only higher resolu­tion but also higher sensitivity. Master these innovative experimental approa­ches during this course and apply them successfully in your own research.

Topics of the course


  • Strategies for multiple fluorophore imaging
  • Lambda stack acquisition, linear unmixing, and online fingerprinting
  • Live cell imaging strategies
  • Airyscan (in all modes: confocal, virtual pinhole, sensitivity, and superresolution imaging)
  • Optimal Airyscan set-up (e.g. sample levelling or MBS adjustment)
  • Operation of Airyscan Fast mode



Fundamentals are recommended, e.g. our „Basic Course LSM 880" or „ln­troduction to Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy"



May 27 - 29, 2020



3 day(s)



English & German I We provide all course materials in English


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