ZEN Blue – Refresh & Expand Your Knowledge for Advanced Imaging

As your research questions are or become more and more challenging nowadays, the demands to find appropriate and more efficient software settings for your microscope system ascend to a new level. Or thinking the other way around: Maybe you have not yet thought about a potentially beneficial experimental design with your microscope because you were not fully aware of what the software can achieve?
During this course, you will receive a quick recap on how to quickly obtain a good image with ZEN Blue on your microscope and subsequently focus on advanced software strategies for multidimensional image acquisition. You will learn how to employ your software optimally and explore its’ potential to facilitate your research. The course will be tailored to your needs so that you get the best out of it for your individual system.

Topics of the course


  • Fundamentals on how to get a good image quality
  • Optimal settings for multidimensional image acquisition, e.g. Multi-Color, Z-Stack…
  • Advanced Tiles (Mosaic) & Positions experiments
  • Get all images in focus: Understand your sample and necessary Focus Strategies
  • Efficiently remove blur from your images by deconvolution



Practical working experience with ZEN Blue software is required. Furthermore, we recommend the attendance of the class “Basic Course Microscopy from the very Beginning”



May 27 - 28, 2020



2 day(s)



English & German (on request)


Course Fees

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Training and Support Center Jena / Your location upon request


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