Automated Confocal Microscopy with Celldiscoverer 7

This course introduces the Celldiscoverer 7 and its ZEN blue software features. It includes knowledge about the hardware configuration, it´s USPs, automation features and applicational benefits in Life Sciences. A strong focus will also be placed on Tiles & Positions as well as on an understanding of necessary Focus Strategies for different samples and experimental conditions. Some current competitive situations will also be discussed.

Topics of the course


  • Principles of the optical light path inside Celldiscoverer 7
  • Microscope hardware Principals and Celldiscoverer 7 specific ZEN blue software features
  • Multidimensional image acquisition and optimization
  • Tiles & Positions
  • Focus Strategies
  • 3D image acquisition and deconvolution
  • Basic image analysis



„Introduction to Light Microscopy“; “Introduction to Digital Imaging” or practical experience with ZEN blue



April 8, 2021



1 day(s)





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3 - 5



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