Polarized Light Microscopy: Examination of Birefringent Objects

Polarized light microscopy is used to detect birefringence within microscopically small structures (e.g. mineral grains, textile fibers, polymers, parts of plants/ animals etc.). This makes a discrimination and characterization of objects possible and allows for conclusions about the molecular or atomic built- up of such birefringent objects. Moreover, with this sensitive method the impact of external parameters (temperature, pressure etc.) on transparent, birefringent objects/ raw material becomes possible to investigate.

Topics of the course


  • Practical handling (alignment and workflow) of the polarized light microscope
  • The application of polarized light microscopy as a contrasting method in transmitted and reflected light
  • Birefringence measurement (optical retardation) in transmitted light
  • Explanation of the theoretical background of phenomena, instrument and measurement tools without using complex mathematical context



Special aspects of polarized light microscopy can be discussed upon prior arrangement



November 23 - 25, 2021



3 day(s); 4 x 4 hour(s)





Course Fees

2.880 Euro per participant
For additional information please send a request to courses .microscopy @zeiss .com 



Max. 3



Online Training


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Technical Details


  • High speed internet connection
  • Computer speakers, headphones or a reliable telephone connection 
  • Basic knowledge of Light Microscopy



TeamViewer + Microsoft PowerPoint