So what is correlative microscopy?

Much more than a combination of microscopes

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Correlative microscopy is not a single technique but a combination of software, technology and data. It provides streamlined easy-to-use workflows, delivers unique insights into the sample, and lets you acquire more data in less time.

Decide for ZEISS as the sole provider of light, electron, ion and X-Ray microscopes and profit from long years of experience in correlative analysis. Choose unique sample centric correlation of images and data to advance your work beyond the limiting boundaries of a single microscopy technique.


From additive manufacturing, yeast research to analysis of nanoparticles, correlative microscopy lets you:

  • Gain unique insights into your sample
  • Move seamlessly from the micro to nano scale
  • Acquire more data in less time with streamlined workflows
  • Benefit from powerful image and data correlation handling
  • Acquire, handle and analyze data from 2D to 4D
  • Use correlative coverslips and holders for precise and efficient work