Special offer for users of QEMScan, MLA and other automated mineralogy systems

Automated Mineralogy Trade-up Offer

Limited time only!

*Promotion extended to March 31, 2018

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Receive a 50% discount on ZEISS Mineralogic software when you trade up for a new ZEISS system.

Whether your solution needs are lab-based (FEG-SEM, FIB-SEM) or field-based (ruggedized SEM), ZEISS offers a platform-independent software for your advanced mineralogy requirements. 

50% discount

Analyze mineralogy through

  • Standards-less or standards-based EDX quantifications
  • Up to 4x detector solid angle compared to QemSCAN and MLA with 2x solid angle as standard
  • Morpho-chemical classification
  • Automated ore typing and standards-based assay 
  • Advanced image processing suite
  • Ability to correlate to optical and X-ray microscope information 
  • New Tungsten (W) pre-aligned filament design for ZEISS EVO SEM that extends filament life to, typically, 700 hrs

From dedicated high throughput mineral liberation workflows to in-depth fundamental geoscientific investigations, the combination of image processing, standards-based quantitative EDS, image analysis and reporting toolkits can be configured to interrogate even the most challenging samples.

Trade-up now with ZEISS and allow us to take you into the future.

The newest version of Mineralogic offers:

  • Fully quantitative EDX with standards-based elemental chemistry measured at each point
    Minerals are identified based on chemistry rather than EDX spectrum. Mineralogic offers you more precise mineral classification and elemental assay reconciliation.

  • Textural classification included in mineral classification
    A true petrological analyzer. Accounting for textural variation allows more accurate and precise ore characterization. Identify and separate minerals based on texture, important for ore characterization.

  • Mineral libraries that are transferrable between instruments
    Use a single master mineral library: every site can use identical mineral classification libraries so a level of systematic error is removed from the analyses. The ability to share libraries with ease also means that QA analyses may be performed by third parties with absolute confidence. Mine sites do not need to have experts on site and can send their data via email to be analyzed if there is a problem. This capability also removes a level of expertise required to be in remote locations.

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Sigma 300 FEG-SEM with EDS detectors

Sigma 300 FEG-SEM with EDS detectors

ZEISS EVO CSEM with EDS detectors

ZEISS EVO CSEM with EDS detectors

Ruggedized fieldsite MinSCAN

Ruggedized fieldsite MinSCAN

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