ZEISS Shuttle & Find

Bringing the highest level of productivity to correlative microscopy


Combining the complementary characteristics of different microscopy techniques, also known as correlative microscopy, has proven to be particularly useful for rapid acquisition of maximum meaningful information for quality control and materials analysis. That’s why you’d think light (LM) and scanning electron (SEM) microscopes would be found together in research or material characterization laboratories. But for one reason or another, that is not often the case.

Leveraging the advantages of correlative microscopy requires an easy-to-use workflow and a data integrity solution. Without these, correlative microscopy cannot be productive.

ZEISS Shuttle & Find bridges the worlds of light and scanning electron microscopes

Shuttle & Find is a correlative microscopy interface, designed specifically for use in materials analysis and industrial QA. It allows you to seamlessly transfer samples between light and electron microscopes, then quickly and automatically relocate regions of interest.

With Shuttle & Find, you can:

  • Transfer your samples between LM and SEM systems faster than ever
  • Relocate regions of interests automatically
  • Collect maximum relevant data from your samples with minimal effort
  • Improve efficiency and throughput of your microscopy tasks
  • Make better decisions based on enriched datasets
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