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Analytical Microscopy

Originally presented by ASM International and sponsored by ZEISS

Webinar 1

Intro to Analytical Microscopy
Metals are ever more critical to the modern world, with demand increasing amid growing scarcity. Metallography has long proved its value, enabling imaging across multiple length scales. From large grains to tiny, fault-producing inclusions, the microstructure and chemistry of metals impact applications from infrastructure through automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods. Modern microscopy continues to evolve, just as metallurgical requirements keep challenging metallographers and analytical scientists with an increasing focus on data extraction from a variety of sources across a complex range of metallurgical samples. Multiscale microscopy—spanning optical, x-ray, and electron technologies—has redefined microscopy beyond “great imaging,” coming of age as a single solution to access an array of analytical information. Advanced microscopy has come to offer a true multiscale laboratory.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • How analytical microscopy can solve problems and improve performance
  • Using multiscale microscopy to increase resilience of metal components in the field

Webinar 2

Advanced Analytical Microscopy
In Part 1 of Analytical Microscopy for Steel & Other Metals, Andy Holwell introduced the ways in which modern microscopy has evolved as metallurgical requirements continue to challenge metallographers and analytical scientists. This session will explore the expanding boundaries of microscopy by leveraging the analytical power of photons and electrons in a multiscale laboratory for the industrial researcher.

Detailed techniques and applications in optical, X-ray, and electron microscopy will be discussed. These include advanced chemical and crystallographic analysis using laboratory-based diffraction contrast tomography, EDS, EBSD, FIB-SEM, Raman spectroscopy, and other in situ analytical tools. Applications range from advanced particle analysis, fatigue analysis, and tensile testing to mineralogy, vitrinite reflectance of coking coal for steelmaking, and inspection of additively manufactured parts in 3D.

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