High Content Imaging for Genotoxicity

From Image to Results

Dr. Philipp Seidel

Product Marketing Manager Life Sciences Software,
ZEISS Microscopy

In this series "From Image to Results", explore various case studies explaining how to reach results from your demanding samples and acquired images in an efficient way. For each case study, we highlight different samples, imaging systems, and research questions. In this second episode, we set up an application example to perform DNA-damage analysis by employing ZEISS Axio Observer and the arivis Vision4D image analysis software.

Key Learnings:

  • How to perform the general analysis with one drug
  • How to automate imaging and analysis procedures, to the point that the whole process can be scaled easily to perform high-content screening (HCS) or be adapted to other complex experimental settingsĀ 

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From Image to Results |  Vesicle Trafficking

High Content Imaging for Genotoxicity

From Image to Results

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