New Perspectives in Optical Microscopy

How Artificial Intelligence Speeds Up Your Experiment Startup

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Dr. Martin Gleisner Manager Business Sector Life Sciences, ZEISS Microscopy

In life sciences research you come up against new challenges every day. Challenges that call for reproducible data from a whole range of samples in a variety of conditions. To accomplish this task microscopes have become increasingly automated. For sample placement, however, microscope parts such as the condenser arm often have to be moved manually. Also focus adjustment and identification of the relevant areas on the sample carrier require additional manual steps.

In this webinar you will learn a new way of operating your microscope. You will be amazed how easy imaging becomes when the sample carrier is detected automatically, the focus is adjusted for you, and sample region is identified by the ZEN software. Learn how to reduce the time to image from minutes to just seconds and start your experiment right away.

Key Learnings:

  • Workflow for fast and easy experiment startup
  • Principles of the AI Sample Finder functionalities
  • Basics of artificial intelligence

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