Vesicle Trafficking

From Image to Results

Dr. Kirstin Elgass

Application Development Engineer, Special 3D Solutions, ZEISS Microscopy

Dr. Philipp Seidel

Product Marketing Manager Life Sciences Software,
ZEISS Microscopy

In this series "From Image to Results", explore various case studies explaining how to reach results from your demanding samples and acquired images in an efficient way. For each case study, we highlight different samples, imaging systems, and research questions. We start the series with an analysis of vesicle trafficking in Cos7 cells.

Key Learnings:

  • How to generate a high-resolution longitudinal study of vesicle trafficking within a single cell
  • Explore basic observations concerning vesicle transport
  • Showcase image analysis tools to segment vesicles and generate vesicle tracks to derive meaningful data to confirm our observations¬†

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From Image to Results |  Vesicle Trafficking

Vesicle Trafficking

From Image to Results

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