Virtual Demonstration: ZEISS AI Sample Finder

Use Artificial Intelligence to Drive Efficiency in Your Microscopy Setup

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Dr. Frank Vogler

Application specialist for automated and confocal imaging
ZEISS Microscopy

Tim Schubert
Gert Sonntag

Sales and application specialist, expert in 3D imaging
ZEISS Microscopy

In this live demonstration, you will see a new way to operate your microscope. Be amazed how easy it is to acquire images from a wide range of samples in a variety of conditions. Reduce the time it takes to start your imaging from minutes to seconds. With classical microscopes, calibrating your sample carrier, finding the focus and identifying the regions you wish to image all require manual adjustments. The AI Sample Finder automates this sequence entirely, even with low-contrast and translucent samples. View your entire sample with unmatched speed and ease. AI Sample Finder and ZEN Connect rapidly generate a multimodal compilation of all your images from overview to super resolution, even across different microscopes. And now with our new BioApps, you can perform single click image analysis allowing quantitative measurements on your data. These features are available on both widefield and confocal systems running ZEN Blue 3.4.

Key Learnings:

  • Rapidly generate a navigable overview image with assigned sample regions with minimal user interaction
  • Use deep-learning algorithms for automatic calibration of carriers, such as well plates
  • Capture fast, detailed overviews using a novel contrasting technique

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