Microscopy Across Systems: Correlative Workflows for Materials Analysis

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Martin Kuttge, Tim Schubert, Dominik Hohs

Light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy are well established imaging techniques for materials characterization. Both feature complementary imaging and analytical possibilities which in combination unlock the full potential of microscopy. As a result, correlative microscopy spans over multiple microscope modalities. It is becoming increasingly important in material science and engineering.

This webinar will discuss: correlative microscopic workflows in material science and engineering, a selection of use-cases investigated with high-performance light, digital, and scanning electron microscopes (SEM) including energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS), application examples covering the design of new hard magnetic materials and fracture analysis & surface quality inspection of functional materials. It covers how to learn to:use correlative microscopy and how it helps you to perform multi-modal microscopy, understand the process-structure-properties relationship and allow for quality inspection in an R&D environment, increase sample throughput with correlative microscopy.

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