Sensitive Compositional Analysis at the Micro- and Nano-Scale

Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Workshop

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Dr. Fabian Perez Willard

Solutions Manager, ZEISS Microscopy

Douglas Runt

Nanofab Solutions Manager, ZEISS SMT

When it comes to elemental analysis of low concentrations or light elements, secondary ion mass spectroscopy (SIMS) is the technique of choice for materials characterization. SIMS not only allows the detection of element traces down to the parts per million (ppm) level, it also enables the detection of all elements of the periodic table, isotopes, and small ion clusters.

In this workshop, gain insight into SIMS and discover the new ZEISS SIMS portfolio, including cost-efficient add-ons for ZEISS FIB-SEMs as well as an innovative solution offering the current world record in SIMS lateral resolution. Selected applications in steel failure, battery, and solar cell research illustrate the use of the different ZEISS SIMS solutions.

Key Learnings:

  • The basics of SIMS, including a brief overview of different mass selection principles
  • How a cost-efficient SIMS add-on performs on a standard FIB-SEM instrument
  • How to achieve the highest spatial resolution with SIMS using the neon ion beam of a helium ion microscope (HIM)

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