Shuttle & Find for Life Sciences
ZEISS ZEN Shuttle & Find for Life Sciences

ZEISS ZEN Shuttle & Find for Correlative Microscopy in Life Sciences

Bridging the Micro and Nano World

The highest level of productivity in correlative microscopy

ZEISS presents the first easy-to-use, highly productive workflow from a light to an electron microscope and vice versa.

Bridge the gap between structure and function by combining your scanning electron microscope with a light microscope: Overlay your fluorescence and ultraresolution images.

With Shuttle & Find you use a microscope to find and choose the structures or cells you are interested in. You image them and transfer the specimen with its specifically designed holder to your SEM. After the semi-automated calibration using fiducial markers you do not have to search for those regions again – Shuttle & Find handles this, saving you valuable time.

Correlate and overlay images obtained with your light microscope and SEM after image acquisition. This is especially useful for cell biology, neurobiology, studies of host-parasite interaction and analysis of symbiotic relations.


ELYRA – Product Highlights

ZEISS ZEN Shuttle & Find supports:


  • Specific correlative holders for glass cover slips (22mmx22mm) and TEM grids
  • Light microscopes: SteREO Discovery, Axio Zoom.V16, Axio Scope, Axio Imager, Axio Examiner, Axio Observer, Laser Scanning Microscopes (LSM 8 family), Elyra superresolution systems
  • Scanning electron microscopes: Evo, Sigma, GeminiSEM, Crossbeam

Productive Workflow

Easy calibration, fast repositioning.

On a light microscope, first calibrate the sample holder, then define the sample region of interest that you want to examine under a scanning electron microscope. The sample positions are saved together with the image of the specimen.

After transferring the sample to the scanning electron microscope, reload the image with the regions of interest. Simply click the position marked in the image and the SEM moves to the corresponding location in a matter of seconds. Even the magnification transmitted with the image is taken into consideration.


Maximum Information

Precise Correlation with Nanometer Resolution

If necessary, fine tune the system to align the light microscope image with that of the electron microscope. The correlation of specific fluorescence signals and ultra-structures considerably increases the results.

With up to 100x higher resolving power provided by the SEM, sub-cellular structures can be observed, identified and correlated with the functional information of the fluorescence signals with resolution down to a few nanometers.


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