Correlative Microscopy for Materials Analysis

Correlative microscopy that aims to bridge the micro and nano world needs an interface between light- and electron microscopes. ZEISS ZEN core provides a solution specifically designed for materials analysis available on all ZEISS light- and electron microscopes with motorized stages.
Transfer your specimen from one microscope system to another in just minutes – a process that has until now taken hours, or even days. A combination of hardware and software solutions from ZEISS speed up and simplify your workflows.

Available on all ZEISS light- and electron microscopes with motorized stages

For your correlative experiments you will benefit from:

  • a fast and straightforward experimental setup when using the dedicated specimen holders or just markers that can be added to any sample and a specifically designed software module extending ZEISS ZEN Connect: Connect 2D Add on.
  • the optimization of all your intermediate preparation steps, ensuring your sample is optimally prepared for use when you switch from one system to the other.
  • save time by automating the process of searching for the same region of interest (ROI). This reduces cycle times, allowing you to process a considerably larger number of samples in a shorter period.

Analysis on concrete sample. Courtesy of Brno University of Technology
  • Fast relocation of ROIs: Acquire an image in your light microscope and mark the ROIs. The ROIs are saved together with the images of your sample. In your electron microscope you easily reload and relocate the ROI by means of automated calibration and work routines.
  • More information: Combine optical contrasting techniques and information about size, morphology and color gained by your light microscope with the analytical methods of your electron microscope. Discover information about both the structure and function of your sample.
  • One-stop shopping: As the world‘s only manufacturer of both light and electron microscopes in all performance classes, ZEISS is most suited to bridge the micro and nano worlds. ZEISS is your one-stop shop for light microscopes, electron microscopes and the bridge between both.

Correlative Particle Analysis

Characterize process-critical particles. Correlative Particle Analyzer combines your data from light and electron microscopes. After you have detected particles with your light microscope, you can fully automate the relocalization and EDS analysis using Correlative Particle Analysis. This is the best way to improve the characterization of residual particles.

Correlative Particle Analyzer automatically provides you with a report that integrates your results from both light and electron microscope analysis. Correlative Particle Analyzer achieves results up to ten times faster than is possible with consecutive individual analysis using light and electron microscopes.

Light microscopy image of a metal particle
Light microscopy image of a metal particle
Electron microscopy image of the same metal particle
Electron microscopy image of the same metal particle
Correlation of both images with EDS analysis
Correlation of both images with EDS analysis


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