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ZEISS Particle Analysis systems offer dedicated solutions for quality control also in the field of oil analysis. You receive reliable user-independent and reproducible results. With a few mouse clicks you can enter project data, create reports and archive results. 

The Importance of Oil Analysis
Oil analysis is not just for the oil and lubricant industry — it’s widely used in the automotive, aerospace, energy supply and many other industrial branches. Recent studies show that nearly 80% of all machine failures are related to oil contamination. For example, the major source of wear and failure in hydraulic systems is based on particulate contamination. Oil analysis is a proactive method that can save these industries considerable costs year on year. Oil analysis measures the contamination originating from surface degradation caused by mechanical wear and corrosion from integrated components such as hydraulic motors, housing, pumps and valves.

Minimize your maintenance costs and maximize your uptime with oil contamination control.

ZEISS systems are ideal for quantifying particulate contamination. Use Axio Imager 2 to measure particles down to 2 µm. Your ZEISS system for oil analysis supports DIN 51455, ISO 4406, ISO 4407, SAE AS 4059 and your own company’s internal standards.

Particles ≥ 2 µm

Axio Imager 2: Measure particles down to 2 µm

  • Choose a high resolution ZEISS bundle for oil analysis.
  • Speed up analysis times for particle measurement. Time to result per filter sample about 5 minutes (pixel resolution: 1 µm/pixel, scanned area 1500 mm2).
  • Just three steps from start of analysis to result.
  • Count and classify your particles in length, further size parameters and identify fibers.
  • Carry out oil analysis to support national and international standards such as DIN 51455, ISO 4406, ISO 4407, SAE AS 4059 and your own company’s standards.
  • Perform your 'Oil Analyses' with ZEISS Axio Imager 2, our custom tailored system solution, to support DIN 51455.

Your Axio Imager 2 for particle measurement includes:

  • A fully automated microscope with a digital color camera and image analysis software tailored to the demands of oil analysis.
  • Brilliant optics with high resolution and homogenous illumination to produce maximum quality in image acquisition.
  • An integrated motorized Z-Axis for precise and reliable focusing that detects even the smallest particles.
  • AxioVision Particle Analyzer Projects software to measure particle sizes accurate and repeatable.

Software Details

Axio Vision Particle Analyzer Projects


Carry out oil analysis to support national and international automotive standards such as ISO 4406, ISO 4407, SAE AS 4059, DIN 51455 and your own company’s internal standards.

Quality Control

  • Produce user-independent results by using reloadable test specifications with predefined system configurations.
  • Ensure detection accuracy with efficient live focusing.
  • Achieve accurate and repeatable measurement results performing oil analysis with your Zeiss system.
  • Assure data security and save all generated data and images automatically in dedicated projects including the acquired overview image.
  • Perform your oil analyses supporting DIN 51455.


  • Operate in user-friendly guided workflows.
  • Simplify your work and experience a clear, well-structured presentation of results.
  • Color coded approval speeds up your decision making process.
  • Perform your cleanliness testing supporting DIN 51455.

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