Axiocam 503 color
ZEISS Axiocam 503 color
Image Large Sample Areas - Fast, in True Color, and High-Resolution

Axiocam 503 color

3-Megapixel Microscope Camera for Fast Image Acquisition

With Axiocam 503 color, you have a 3-megapixel color camera with a 2/3" sensor and an image diagonal of 11 mm.
The combination of a small pixel size of 4.54 µm and a large number of pixels (1,936 (H) × 1,460 (W)) provides high resolution and a large field of view. Focus on and view your sample on the monitor with a fast live image of up to 38 images per second at full resolution.

With Axiocam 503 color, you have the advantage of a dynamic range of 1:2,500 that guarantees brilliant, lossless images with the finest color differentiation and resolution of even the smallest details. The Peltier cooler guarantees low-noise and reproducible color image quality, even with longer exposure times and dark sample areas.


  • USB 3.0 interface technology with fast 5-gigabit/s data transfer rate
  • High-end quad-port CCD sensor technology for optimum performance
  • Fast searching, fast focusing, and ergonomic handling at your digital microscope workplace, thanks to a live image with 38 images per second at 2.8-megapixel pixel count
  • 14-bit digitization and a dynamic range of 1:2,500 for precise reproduction of the finest color nuances
  • 4.54 µm pixel size for the highest resolution of fine structures


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ZEISS Axiocam 503 color

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