Axiocam 506 color
ZEISS Axiocam 503 mono
Fast, Flexible, and Sensitive

Axiocam 503 mono

3-Megapixel Microscope Camera for Live Cell Imaging

With Axiocam 503 mono, you have a versatile 3-megapixel microscope camera.
You enjoy the advantages of a high-quality and rapidly refreshed live image as well as extreme sensitivity for low light and live cell imaging. Its high sensitivity enables the use of short exposure times, even with weak fluorescent markers, which prevents damage to your samples. The sensitivity can also be enhanced by binning. You can record images of fast moving samples without geometrical distortion thanks to the CCD’s progressive-scan readout architecture.

The 2.8-megapixel camera features a 2/3" sensor with an image diagonal of 11 mm. In combination with the large number of pixels (1,936 (H) × 1,460 (W)), this offers you the benefits of high-resolution imaging. The cooled quad-port CCD camera with four outputs provides exceptional versatility and offers you the benefits of a wide range of exposure times, binning up to 5 x5 for super sensitive detection, lowest noise single port or high-speed multiport readout modes, and very low levels of readout noise.


  • USB 3.0 interface technology with fast 5-gigabit/s data transfer rate
  • High-end quad-port CCD sensor technology for a fast image refresh rate of 38 images per second at standard resolution and up to 90 images per second with binning
  • Versatility for a wide range of different applications is guaranteed by selectable read-out rates and read-out modes
  • Extended field of application for high-aperture and low-magnification objective lenses thanks to small
    (4.54 µm) pixel structures
  • Precise observation of dynamic processes through images recorded with fast refresh rates



ZEISS Axiocam 503 mono

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