ZEISS Axiocam 506 mono

Your 6 Megapixel Microscope Camera for Live Cell Imaging

Simpler. More intelligent. More integrated.

This flexible 6 megapixel microscope camera is a true all-rounder. It produces a high quality and rapid live image as well as the highest level of sensitivity for low-light and live cell imaging. Its high sensitivity enables you to use short exposure times, even with weak fluorescent markers, preventing damage to your samples. You can increase sensitivity through pixel binning – and still have enough resolution for optimal imaging.

The camera’s 1” sensor combines with the large number of pixels to give you a field of view twice as large as that of 2/3” cameras. You will always have a good overview of your sample.


Recommended for
  • Live cell imaging
  • High-resolution fluorescence imaging
  • Fluorescence scanning applications


SK8/K18 Cells
SK8/K18 Cells
  • Excellent coverage of the microscopic field of view and sample overview, thanks to the 1” sensor – twice the field of view compared to 2/3” cameras
  • USB 3.0 interface technology with fast 5 gigabit data transfer rate and qad-port, high-end CCD sensor technology for rapid frame rates
  • 2752 horizontal pixels × 2208 vertical pixels gives high resolution, even when using pixel binning
  • Up to 56 fps with binning 5 × 5
  •  Expanded area of application for high-aperture and low-magnification objectives, thanks to 4.54 μm small pixel structures – highest resolution with a large field of view
  • Thermo electrical cooled sensor


Axiocam 506 mono

Your High Resolution Microscope Camera for Live Cell Imaging – Fast, Flexible, and Sensitive

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ZEISS Axiocam Family

Your Guide to Microscope Camera Technology from ZEISS

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Axiocam 506 - User Guide


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