ZEISS Axiocam 512 color

Acquire Large Object Fields with Low Magnification and High Aperture Objectives without Stitching

Your 12 Megapixel Microscope Camera

Fast, in True Color, and High Resolution

This 12 megapixel scientific grade color camera has a 1” (16 mm diagonal) CCD sensor. Given its large sensor size combined with small pixel sizes, you are able to acquire large object fields with low magnification and high aperture objectives without stitching. You can zoom into the digital image and still see the finest details of your sample. The USB 3.0 interface delivers an excellent live image at high acquisition speeds.

Axiocam 512 color is a highly evolved digital color camera addressing the needs of scientific microscopy, including documentation,
reporting and analysis. Fast and artifact-free imaging with optimized color reproduction makes your work comfortable and efficient. In addition, exploring your sample on the screen, instead through the oculars, becomes a true and very convenient alternative.

Recommended for
  • Color imaging applications in life sciences and materials science
  • Quality control and inspection
  • Pathology, cytology and colored materials
  • Macroscopic imaging applications, e. g. with Axio Zoom.V16


Mouse tissue histology slides
Mouse tissue histology slides
  • Large field of view with high resolution of 12 megapixels
  • CCD sensor with a size of 1” (diagonal 16 mm)
  • Excellent live image and high acquisition speed
  • Pixel size of 3.1 μm to detect small structures
  • Simple PC connection through USB 3.0 interface technology
  • Thermo electrical cooled sensor


ZEISS Axiocam 512 color

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Axiocam 512 color de ZEISS

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