Microscope Components - Upgrade essential Parts of a Microscope
Accessories & Microscope Components

Fluorescent Dyes, Filtersets

Microscope Components & Accessories

For each microscope and imaging device ZEISS is offering numerous additional microscope components and product upgrades. Select from a broad range of microscope parts like objectives, filters and light sources with different illumination techniques. To extend the functionality of your imaging system we also offer upgrades for laser microdissection or micromanipulation of samples.

Filtersets & Fluorescent Dyes

Find fluorochromes and proper filter sets for your fluorencence microscope.

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Laser Microdissection

Prepare and handle living cells for microdissection tasks. All consumables and accessories are perfectly adapted to our laser microdissection and optical tweezer systems.

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Micromanipulation microscope components for in-vitro fertilization, transgenic techniques, stem cell research and developmental biology.

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Illuminate your samples with flexible LED, fluorescence or cold light sources.

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Create reproducible environmental paramaters for living specimen and sensitive microscope samples.

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Optical performance is key for many parts of a microscope. Configure your system with the best objectives.

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Multidiscussion Systems

Co-observation system – suitable for training and consultation situations, especially in the field of medicine.

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Microscope Cameras

For life science applications and materials research.

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