Combine Simple Setup Procedures within the Imaging Software and Optimal Stability of the Environmental Parameters


Your system solution for live cell imaging under physiological conditions

Metabolic processes, protein folding, cellular transport: the subjects of modern life science research are of an extremely high level, and as a result, system solutions must become more complex. Cultivation conditions have to be created that, as far as possible, simulate the environment of the living organism. This presents a considerable challenge for the corresponding imaging systems and their components. Incubation systems from ZEISS cover every requirement and, consequently, define a new level of performance for incubation.

Get reliable results from your time-lapse experiments. ZEISS incubation systems combine simple setup procedures within the imaging software and optimal stability of the environmental parameters even for the most sensitive living specimens. Heat or cool your specimens, recort the environmental parameters in your software.


Incubation systems from ZEISS

Maintaining perfect In-vivo Conditions

  • Temperature, Humidity, CO2 control for the correct pH Value
  • Optional Physiological O2 Concentrations
  • Convenient Operation and Automated Processes
  • Use either the TFT touch screen display or the ZEN software for control of the microscope and the incubation
  • Space saving stackable controllers with CAN connection
  • Manipulation through Programmable Temperature Change


Is the lab space around your imaging system limited? The stackable modules of the ZEISS incubation systems helps to save space. Simply stack the control modules for the parameters needed – an integrated CAN system automatically connects the modules with the computer with no need for additional cables. Theis concept also allows economical Upgrading and Modification, the easily upgradeable O2 module for reducing the O2 concentration is just one of many examples.


From simple stage top incubators to large incubation chambers for time-lapse experiments running over multiple days. Your application needs determined the solution.
Stage top incubators provide an economical solution if you do not need to manipulate your sample during acquisition. The PM S1 incubator creates improved incubation conditions with extremely small volume, leading to reduced airflow and significant space saving. A choice of two concepts: electric heating or flow-induced heating/cooling. You can take advantage of the flow principle, particularly in electro-physiology as it eliminates disturbing influences based on electronics.

Large Incubation Chambers

Incubation chambers offer the most flexibility. They offer the opportunity to keep additional material, eg buffers within the thermally controlled environment, also the access to the sample is possible at any time. Covering most of your microscope, they are a major parameter in maintaining the focus level during long term experiments by keeping the temperature of the microscope stand steady. A special version can be used for TIRF and PALM experiments.

Keep Control

Conduct your experiments in an entirely new manner with the TFT operating concept and AxioVision: monitor the environment parameters at a glance at any time and store the experiment guide.
With the control sensor, you measure the temperature at the observation location precisely, thereby validating your experiment - a major plus, e.g. in dynamic temperature experiments.



ZEISS Incubation Solutions for Life Sciences​

Creating the ideal environment

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