Analyze Surface Samples in 3D


3D surface modelling

Reconstruct Your 2D SEM Images in 3D

Your scanning electron microscope measures and analyzes all kinds of samples in 2D: to analyze the surfaces of samples in 3D, use the system extension 3DSM. 3DSM, the computer-based application from ZEISS, provides you with topographical information by reconstructing a complete 3D model of the surface from SEM's AsB-Detector signals.




  • Perform a 3D surface reconstruction of samples examined with electron microscopes equipped with an AsB or 4QBSD detector
  • Combine 3DSM with SmartSEM inlive mode for real-time 3D imaging or operate in stand-alone mode for visualizing archived project files
  • Profit from real-time operation in live mode and reconstruction times < 1s


3DSM Metrology

  • Upgrade your MERLIN FE-SEM with 3DSM Metrology to gain automatic measurements and documentation in compliance with ISO 25178, DIN and ASME and other standards for routine checks
  • Analyze surfaces in 3D and generate complete measurement records
  • Characterize surfaces and profiles including parameters such as step height, distance, nano contour, roughness and waviness, particle and grain size
    Create completely traceable metrological reports


White Paper: 3DSM

3D Surface Modelling

Pages: 6
Filesize: 426 kB

White Paper: The Real Time 3DSM Solution for the ZEISS MERLIN Series

Extend 3DSM functionality to real time surface reconstruction and metrology in a fast and precise way

Pages: 6
Filesize: 420 kB

ZEISS Merlin

From Imaging to Your Complete Lab: Analytical Power for the Sub-Nanometer World

Pages: 14
Filesize: 3,201 kB

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