ZEISS Atlas 5

Master Your Multi-scale Challenge

Create comprehensive multi-scale, multi-modal images with a sample-centric correlative environment using Atlas 5. This solution extends the capacity of your ZEISS SEM, FE-SEM (field emission scanning electron microscope) or FIB-SEM (focused ion beam). Efficiently navigate and correlate images from any source, e.g. light- and X-ray microscopes. Take full advantage of high throughput and automated large area imaging. Unique workflows help you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your sample. Its modular structure lets you tailor Atlas 5 for your everyday needs in materials or life sciences research.

  • Perform large area imaging with ZEISS SEM, FE-SEM & FIB-SEM
  • Acquire nanoscale EM images easier and faster than ever before
  • Correlate images in multiple dimensions from multiple sources
  • Understand your sample by creating unique workflows
  • Work in a correlative workspace, the GUI that places the sample at the center of your workflow
  • Gain speed and achieve precision in z when running a 3D Tomography with Thin & Fast Tomography and True-Z


Easy-to-use, workflow-oriented GUI for automated imaging.
Easy-to-use, workflow-oriented GUI for automated imaging.

Acquire EM Images Easier and Faster than Ever Before

  • Acquire large sets of 2D or 3D nanoscale electron microscope (EM) images for hours or days, without operator supervision.
  • Collect single images over thousands of samples, or cover large areas with mosaics comprised of thousands of adjacent images.
  • Atlas 5 streamlines automatic image acquisition, using advanced preset and customizable protocols to produce consistent and reproducible results.

Correlate Images from Multiple Sources

  • Bring together images from multiple sources. The correlative workspace of Atlas 5 makes it easy. Zoom in from the full macroscopic view of your sample down to nanoscale details.
  • Efficiently analyze and correlate images from multiple sources. Atlas 5 is your data hub for images from SEM, FIB-SEM, X-ray, light microscopes and any optical images, e.g. from your digital camera.
  • Build a seamless multi-modal, multi-scale picture of your sample with the sample centric workspace of Atlas 5.
Solide oxide electrolysis cell, changes after cycling, 3D tomogram, images & EDS data in 3D, ZEISS FIB-SEM, Atlas Analytics. Sample courtesy of: M. Cantoni, EPFL, CH.

Understand Your Sample by Creating Unique Workflows

  • Understand your sample fully, in 2D and 3D with the graphical user interface of Atlas 5.
  • Design a workflow tailored precisely to the complexity of your experiment, no matter whether it’s a simple one-step task or a compound experiment.
  • A sophisticated workflow environment guides you from setup for automated acquisition to post processing and customized exports, and right on through to analysis.


Create Large Mosaic Images

Atlas 5 combines a 16 bit scan generator and dual super-sampling signal acquisition hardware with image processing and control software for your ZEISS electron microscope.

Acquire images up to 32 k x 32 k pixels on SEMs and up to 40 k x 50 k on FIB-SEMs, with dwell times from 100 ns to > 100 s, adjustable in 100 ns increments. Save your images with eight or sixteen bits of intensity.

Benefit from:
  • a reduced number of tiles to acquire and reduced computational complexity
  • reducing stage motion delay and areal fraction of each image “lost” to overlap
  • reduced number of overlap “seams”, leading to less beam damage and degradation of the sample

Acquire Images Easier than Ever Before

  • Define your exact region of interest and scan only the designated areas with predefined imaging protocols. Profit from reproducible results by developing protocols with ideal imaging conditions.
  • Keep images sharp during long acquisition times with the help of advanced auto-focus and auto-stigmation tools.
  • Image your sample whenever and wherever you need: Atlas 5 supports multiple sessions on multiple instruments.
  • Correlate images in Atlas 5’s sample-centric correlative workspace - bring together 2D images and 3D volume data from multiple instruments.
  • Import and align data from light, X-ray, electron and FIB-SEM microscopes to produce a single, consistent picture of your sample.

Correlate with X-ray Microscopy to Target Sub-Surface Sites in Your FIB-SEM

  • Correlate X-ray microscopy volume scans from your ZEISS X-ray microscope with surface features visible in your FIB-SEM.
  • Use the X-ray data to virtually localize sub-surface features in 3D to the precisely targeted FIB sites - even if they are not visible in situ.
  • Then navigate to those regions with confidence using your ZEISS FIB-SEM.


ZEISS Atlas 5 Comes with Multiple Offerings

Get to know ZEISS Atlas 5, its modules, their features and their configurability. Extend the capacity of your ZEISS SEM and FIB-SEM with Atlas 5 as an option. Benefit from advanced capabilities of further modules and learn how they are combined. Atlas 5 modules require Atlas 5. Optional Analytics Module requires ZEISS Oxford Instruments hardware and software package. The Analytics Module on FIB-SEM requires Atlas 5 3D Tomography.

Array Tomography

You will have the following tools for array tomography setup:

  • Easily define imaging sites for all sections with the Clone Tool
  • Detect the shape of the section automatically with the Snap Section tool
  • Manage acquisition sites efficiently and even define sub-sites across sections
  • Compile all images into a 3D volume with the image stack export tool and explore them with the image stack viewer
  • Benefit from 3D Stack alignment & image corrections
Polished petrographic thin section, a Peralkaline granite from Northern Quebec
Polished petrographic thin section, a Peralkaline granite from Northern Quebec

Enhanced Browser-based Viewer Export Module

You will analyze, present and share results and train colleagues and students:

  • Export single or multiple datasets to a format that can be viewed in a regular web browser.
  • Even measurements and annotations are possible. 
  • Create curated slideshows based on the data for presentation purposes and embed additional information like pdf files, images, spectra, movies or audio files. 
  • Let your colleagues, students or peers freely explore the dataset at its best resolution and share the data easily by exchanging flash drives or by hosting it on a server.
  • The user can follow the slideshow or pause at any time to explore the data on their own.
Automated FIB-SEM Nanotomography: Acquire simultaneous multi-resolution datasets using xROI and Key Frames.
Automated FIB-SEM Nanotomography: Acquire simultaneous multi-resolution datasets using xROI and Key Frames. Courtesy of: K. Narayan and S. Subramaniam, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, USA

3D Tomography featuring "Thin & Fast Tomography" and "True-Z"

You will execute tomography in three dimensions:

  • Use the 3D FIB-SEM acquisition engine with automated sample preparation to achieve precise 3D visualizations.
  • Measure and precisely control slice thickness during tomography and gain “True-Z” information to process your data accurately.
  • Ensure an accurate, continuous, homogeneous tomogram of samples sensitive to charging, shrinking or beam damage leveraging the “Thin & Fast Tomography”.
  • Get to high quality data faster using xROIs (Exact regions of interest), Advanced sample tracking, predictive drift correction and auto-tuning.
  • Make use of the image stack viewer with 3D FIB-SEM stack alignment and image stack export including cropping.
3D tomography of a multi-layered metal system, a Canadian coin, studied volume: 40 x 40 x 30 μm³ and the voxel size (20 nm)³, EBSD analysis.
3D tomography of a multi-layered metal system, a Canadian coin, studied volume: 40 x 40 x 30 μm³ and the voxel size (20 nm)³, EBSD analysis.


You will perform analytics in 3D with an integrated module:

  • Add 3D EDS/3D EBSD analytics to your high resolution FIB-SEM tomography acquisition.
  • Specify imaging and mapping conditions independently, including landing energy, dwell time and spatial resolution in 3D.
  • Use the advanced acquisition engine to automatically switch between analysis and imaging conditions during acquisition.
  • Acquire 3D tomography datasets in a static configuration for even more stable 3D EBSD runs without any stage moves.
  • Flexible visualization allows you to simultaneously view SEM images and process elemental maps.
  • Integrate 2D EDS mappings into the workflow on your FE-SEM and automatically acquire multiple regions of interest.
A FIB grayscale rendering of the Lincoln Memorial is patterned into silicon with the FIB beam.
A FIB grayscale rendering of the Lincoln Memorial is patterned into silicon with the FIB beam. An unmodified photograph was used as the data source. Patterning time: 10 min.

NPVE Advanced (Advanced Nanopatterning & Visualization Engine)

You will achieve advanced control over patterning geometry and parameters with NPVE:

  • Benefit form simultaneous beam control with full patterning and imaging support for ion and electron beams.
  • Define operation recipes for smart control of the beam and GIS parameters to ensure consistent milling and deposition.
  • Optimize the design of your experiments with 3D profiles and array builder tools.
  • Save up to 40% milling time by iIncluding Fastmill, a special scanning strategy that allows you to prepare FIB cross-sections faster and more efficient.



3D EDS on a tomogram of lead-free solder using ZEISS Crossbeam

Blood vessels of rat brain, thick section, SEM images, mosaic. Atlas  5 Array Tomography.
Blood vessels of rat brain, thick section, SEM images, mosaic. Atlas 5 Array Tomography.
Medicago, root nodules. SEM images by Atlas 5 Array Tomography. Sample: courtesy of J. Sherrier, J. Caplan, S. Modla, University of Delaware, USA.
Polished petrographic thin section, a Peralkaline granite from Northern Quebec
Polished petrographic thin section, a Peralkaline granite from Northern Quebec. Sample courtesy of: A. Gysi, Colorado School of Mines; US.

EDS and EBSD Investigations of a Multi-layered Metal System

Atlas Image Viewer

Atlas 5

Discover datasets from Materials and Life Science research, semiconductor or archeology and explore them with the Browser Based Viewer of ZEISS Atlas 5.

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