The Perfect Software Solution to Work with Microscope Images in CZI File Format

Download ZEN Lite, your free copy of the powerful ZEN software. Use this free software as a viewer for your CZI files or other standard file types, or even to perform image acquisition or fundamental image analysis and processing tasks.

Use ZEN Lite software to, for example to:

  • Control Axiocam microscope cameras to acquire brightfield or fluorescence images.
  • Perform image transformation operations (e.g. channel alignment and resampling).
  • Carry out essential image processing operations (e.g. smoothing, or background and shading corrections).
  • Visualize images in various ways and view meta information relating to CZI files.
  • Load and align multiple images for correlative microscopy.
  • Measure distances interactively.
  • Connect to APEER to initiate workflows in the cloud.

Are you interested in advanced image analysis or machine learning to segment your images? Do you need to create time lapse or multichannel images? The capabilities of ZEN Lite can be extended by purchasing premium modules. To learn more about what ZEN Lite can do for you please contact your local ZEISS representative.

Download ZEN lite

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CZI Image Format

Documentation of the CZI image format:
Learn more about the CZI format and request a free licence

Quick Guide ZEN (blue edition) – First steps

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