ZEN lite Digital Imaging Software

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Imaging Software for Efficient Microscopy - Key ZEN lite Features for Your Imaging Tasks

  • Control ZEISS Axiocam microscope cameras
  • Acquire images and simple video sequences
  • Generate images of large areas easily and automatically
  • Measure distances and areas interactively
  • Open, edit and save CZI files and export into various formats

Expand ZEN lite with selected modules:
Create impressive multichannel and time lapse images of your specimens or use extended measurement functions.

Please download the version for your operating system.

Lite Version ZEN 3.1 blue / ZEN 3.0 black SR

(Windows 7 and Windows 10, 64bit systems)

Important Note: Do not install this version on your microscope system if the system already has a full ZEN license (e.g. ZEN pro, ZEN system, ZEN desk, ZEN slidescan, ZEN celldiscoverer).
Previous users of ZEN lite and any associated modules can migrate to this version.
Please take a few moments to read the installation notes.

Download iso-file ZEN lite (5.5 GB)